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What's the financial impact of covid-19 on your media organisation?

Over 150 people joined MDIF and Splice on Low-Res for a special online workshop to address the emergency in our newsrooms.

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"Very smoothly organised event. Felt very 'high res' in execution. You guys rock, as always. :)"
— Rohin Dharmakumar, The Ken

How this works (and why we're doing this)

We put together a special online workshop to address the emergency that's taking place in our newsrooms. As covid-19 sweeps countries, media organizations have seen advertising and reader-revenue pipelines dry up, putting them at grave risk.

MDIF, which invests in independent media around the world, has been speaking with their newsroom clients about the situation on the ground, and have complied a list of recommendations around financing — everything from cutting costs, hoarding cash, and keeping editorial workflows running.

We heard from Key Kiarie, MDIF's Chief Investment Officer and Patricia Torres-Burd, MDIF's Managing Director of Media Services, about the challenges faced by newsrooms, and practical steps to survive this difficult year.

How to minimize the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on your media business

Read the MDIF recommendations.

Infrequently asked questions

Who is this for?
This event is meant for newsroom managers, media entrepreneurs, and financial backers of the media industry around the world.

How does this work?
We're setting aside 90 minutes for this event — 45 mins of presentation, and 45 mins of Q&A and learnings.

We want this to be a highly interactive session where we can all learn from each other. So bring your questions and an open mind. We're in this together.

And at the end of the session, since we're all working from home, we'll declare beer o'clock and do a special online Splice On Tap (Bring Your Online Beer).

What if I can't make it?
Don't worry, we'll be recording this and making it available on our YouTube channel when it's done.

What does this cost?
It costs you nothing. We believe this kind of knowledge needs to be free to all, especially in a time like this.

What else?
Share this. Help us get this event out there, so that more people can learn together.

Also, we're currently running a survey to better understand the crisis at newsrooms. If you're a newsroom manager or a media entrepreneur, please fill this in). We'll anonymize the data and share the insights of this survey soon.

What's this Low-Res thing?
Splice Low-Res is a WIP — a check-in — on what everyone is up to in these days of covid-19. We'll be speaking with media entrepreneurs and other folks to see how they're rolling forward in spite of these tough times.

And what — or who — is Splice?
If you're wondering about Splice, we're two guys who believe that media matters and we're here to help transform it.

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Previous Low-Res numbers

200+ registrations
14 speakers
7 women, 7 men
2 continents
6 hours

"I liked the length and format of each presentation. Each session was well structured and well-guided. Overall, I was really impressed with how engaging  each session was and how smooth the transitions were.”

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Who we are

👋 We're Alan and Rishad from Splice and we're on a mission to support the transformative work of media startups across Asia. There's more about us here.

Our Partner

MDIF invests in independent media around the world providing the news, information and debate that people need to build free, thriving societies.



Key Kiarie

Chief Investment Officer, MDIF

Patricia Torres-Burd

Managing Director of Media Services, MDIF

Needs Assessment Survey

Are you a media org affected by Covid-19?

Please fill in our 5-minute survey.


How we did Low-Res

Alan Soon

It's not about the tech; that's the easy part. You need to know what you want to get out of your online event.

Low-Res on The Content Show

Simon Kearney of Click2View asked Alan and Rishad about what went into the making of Low-Res on The Content Show. We appear at the 11-minute mark.

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The reason we're even considering Low-Res is the coronavirus. So it makes sense to give back.

This is a cause a friend of ours is helping run that helps kids in Mongolia get protection from COVID-19, and it's something we're supporting personally at Splice. Feel free to donate to this if it's something you'd like to do — but there's absolutely no obligation on your part.

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